How to use Google Calendar for a service business

Chris Bird
By Chris Bird · Nov 09, 2022


I’ve met with cleaning, gardening, building business and other service based businesses that are spending 100s of hours per year manually and laboriously counting the work hours of their employees/contractors. This is because they need to pay their employees for the hours they worked and bill clients accordingly.

With TimeNavi, here’s how to save yourself the time and money of counting hours, making your business more scalable.

How to use Google Calendar to automate billing?

  1. Add a code to your calendar events like a specific colour or word like the ‘Client 45’ in the title.
  2. Go to TimeNavi and type in that code to the activity section. (Repeat this for all your jobs.)
  3. Click Export and this will export all that data into an excel sheet where it is summarised for you on page 2 in Excel.
  4. Pay your employees according to the number of hours they’ve worked in the calendar.
  5. Bill your clients according to the number of hours as well.

You’ve just saved yourself 100’s of hours over the year. You've reduced the chance of human error - increasing your revenue and profitability.

Pop open a drink and relax - you’ve got the time now.

If you want to get set up the easy way - email and we’ll help set TimeNavi up for your business.