Get Your Life Back with Productivity Coach

Do you feel stressed and distracted? Meet regularly with a time management expert and go from surviving to thriving.

Life is okay, but not amazing.

You feel like there are too many things and too little time to do them. Life is so busy yet still it seems like there is always not enough time for what's most important. Sometimes it seems like all you do is work, but at the end of the day you feel like you haven't got much done. We can help.

Imagine if there was someone who supports you.

I'm Chris and I've seen many people's lives transformed thanks to implementing simple time management techniques. Your time is your most valuable resources, so having an expert who supports you in the process would let you make sure that you’re achieving more in less time!

Find the core of your problem

During the first initial consultation we will go through your schedule together and figure out what is the core of the problem that makes you feel busy and stressed.

Plan your way to success

After figuring out what's the core issue, we will call regularly, go over your to-do list and plan your week to make it healthy and productive. Trust me, you will see a big difference!"

Keep up the motivation

Implementing real change is hard, and so I will check up on your progress towards your goals between our sessions and make sure to send you motivation when you need it.

Celebrate together

The key of sucess is celebrating the small wins. I love sending really happy e-mails with lots of 🥳 whenever you have done something amazing!

Chris Bird - Productivity Coach

Here's me talking about time management in a course I delivered for the University of Cambridge

Why should I consider productivity coaching?

Without coaching   ❌

With coaching   ✅

😰   Don't know what to focus on

✅   Have a realistic plan for next week

😰   Procrastinate and get distracted

✅   Have someone who keeps me accountable and motivates me to get things done

😰   Feel like you didn't get much done at the end of the day

✅   Feel satisfied and happy at the end of the day

😰   Feel guilty when you are not working

✅   Schedule quality rest time and enjoy it

😰   Feel busy

✅   Feel at peace


The change that those who I support experienced

  • I am very thankful for Chris for his support over the last four months. With Chris's help, I was able to plan my time effectively and stay on top of my dissertation. I would thoroughly recommend TimeNavi to anyone looking to make the most of their time.

    Jonathan Gayle

    Student, University of Southampton