What are Google Calendar Analytics and Time Insights?

Chris Bird
By Chris Bird · Jan 05, 2024

Google Calendar is a powerful tool that provides users with valuable insights into their calendar events and time allocation. With its Time Insights feature, users can gain a better understanding of how they spend their time in meetings and make informed decisions about their schedules. Time Insights allows users to track their busiest meeting days, analyse the types of meetings they have, and even measure the amount of time spent in meetings compared to other activities.

However, while Google Calendar Analytics offers some useful features, TimeNavi takes calendar analysis to the next level. With TimeNavi, users can enjoy a more customisable and detailed approach to tracking events, enabling them to gain deeper insights into time spent per client or project and billable vs non-billable hours. This customisable approach to time categorisations gives a more detailed analysis than just meetings. With TimeNavi, users can categorise their Google Calendar events, have them automatically calculated and create reports over any time frame. You can download it here: check out the app here or on the dashboard here. Or you can see how we recommend tracking billable vs non-billable hours.

Also if you want more information on the difference between Google Calendar Insights and TimeNavi see here:

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