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Cut out switching between calendars, project management sites, and other tools. Analyse your time straight from your Calendar - Google and Microsoft.

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Increase Profits with Project Time Tracking

Achieve time clarity and control over your finances by seeing exactly how many hours your team have spent. Analyse time by team member, by project, or by client - all in real time. Calculate your time with ease. Say goodbye to time tracking spreadsheets! Our philosophy is that calendar-based project management is the best kind of project management and client management.

Increase Profits with Project Time Tracking

Export Google Calendar to Sheets

Analysing your team’s Google Calendar data in a more detailed way allows you to understand what went right and what went wrong. It gives you and your team transparency on the past, present and future projects and clients. Improve your decision making and turn messy calendar data into clear and action points for your team. TimeNavi let’s you see your time in our dashboard or even a spreadsheet.

Export Google Calendar to Sheets

Quick and Accurate Invoices and Salaries

With employee time tracking, pay quicker and more accurately! You can even allow your clients or team members to see exactly what hours are being included in their salary or invoice.Google Calendar time tracking means you can stop counting the hours yourself! Let us do that for you.

Quick and Accurate Invoices and Salaries

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I can't put into words how much we love the TimeNavi, time tracking spreadsheets are now completely out of the window, thank god!
Chris Woodley

Director at Colab Digital UK

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Great if you are just getting started with tracking your time from your calendar.
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  • 2 projects
  • Track time for the current week
  • Track your income


Perfect for individuals and small teams that need to track time and bill their clients easily.
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Everything in Free, plus
  • Up to 10 calendars
  • Up to 20 projects
  • 1-year historical access
  • 3 App Integrations


Perfect for large teams looking to effortlessly track time and billing across multiple calendars.
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Everything in Standard, plus
  • Up to 50 calendars
  • Unlimited Projects & Event Categorization
  • 3-year historical access
  • Unlimited App Integrations
  • Roles based access: Control who sees what
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TimeNavi is easy to use and affordable. I’m in love with the team, they are super helpful and effective. Just give the free version a try and you’ll see why!
Marcos Luján Castañeda


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