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Calculate Your Time in Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar to manage your time, then TimeNavi is the perfect app for you to calculate how much time you’ve worked, and re-calibrate your time use for your priorities. You can calculate your time based on the Google Calendar events colors or titles.

Calculate time using Google Calendar
Export Google Calendar to Sheets, csv or Excel

Export Google Calendar to Sheets

Seeing your time in a table or a pie chart on Google Sheets gives you the motivation and insight to re-orient your time with your goals. With the TimeNavi’s “Export” button you can see your calendar in just 2 clicks. We’ve seen solutions that ask you to write code to export your calendar data – we’ve just made it simple instead.

Develop Healthy Time Management Habits

At TimeNavi, we believe that learning time management is about building long-lasting habits. Therefore our app works with your calendar, giving you time management tips and showing you how well you manage your day in real-time. This makes learning time management efficient and also a lot of fun!

Develop good time management habits

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Marcos Luján Castañeda

Marcos Luján Castañeda


“TimeNavi is easy to use and affordable. I’m in love with the team, they are super helpful and effective. Would 100% recommend TimeNavi to others, just give the free version a try and you’ll see why!”
Flávio Moreira

Flávio Moreira

Teacher and Translator

“It is amazing that now I can track my student's due amount in real time and I don't need to do a lot of calculations! It's great that I can customize a timeframe for the current month and track by name of the event (in this case, the names of my students). Thank you, thank you, thank you for this add-on! I'm very happy with it!"

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Plan includes:
  • Track 2 categories in your calendar
  • Track time for the current week and month
  • Track Your Income
  • Free Time Management Lessons

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Productivity Coach

Meet regularly with a professional productivity coach to plan your week and set goals. Receive weekly progress check-ins with tips and motivation and benefit from unlimited access to TimeNavi.

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  • Cancel anytime
  • Support & help

Time Management Crash Course

Based on our experience of helping more than 20 000 people with their time management we created this 30-minutes course to share the practical time management techniques we saw transform the lives of many.

  • Practical techniques
  • Full lifetime access

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