How can I track my employees' hours in Calendar?

Chris Bird
By Chris Bird · Jan 05, 2024

If you are looking for a simple and convenient way to track your employees' hours, you may consider using a Calendar app like Google Calendar. This widely used tool can serve as an effective time tracking solution for businesses of all sizes, especially when integrated with automatic time tracking software like TimeNavi.

One way to track your employees' hours in a Google Calendar is by creating separate calendars for each employee or department. By doing so, you can easily schedule and track their work hours, appointments, and meetings in one centralised location. This method allows you to have a visual representation of each employee's availability and workload, while also helping you monitor billable and non-billable hours.

To make it even more efficient, you can colour-code each employee's calendar to easily distinguish their schedules. With TimeNavi, you can automatically categorise events with codes or colours in your Google Calendar, helping you differentiate between billable and non-billable hours. This feature makes it even easier to manage your employees' hours by neatly organising their work activities, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

Additionally, Google Calendar and other calendar apps allow users to share their calendars with others. This means that employees can give their managers or supervisors access to their calendars, allowing them to view their work hours and track project profitability. This transparency promotes accountability and helps managers make informed decisions about resource allocation and project pricing.

To make the process even more streamlined, you can integrate your Calendar app with other time tracking tools or payroll systems like TimeNavi. This integration allows you to automatically transfer the data from your Calendar app to your time tracking or payroll software, reducing manual data entry and the risk of errors. With TimeNavi's automatic time calculation feature, you can further simplify your time tracking process, making it easier to monitor billable hours and project profitability.

Overall, using a Calendar app to track your employees' hours can be a convenient and efficient solution, especially when paired with TimeNavi. It provides a visual representation of their schedules, allows for easy colour-coding and sharing, and can be integrated with other tools for a seamless workflow. By utilizing this method, you can ensure accurate tracking of billable and non-billable hours, improve operational efficiency and gain valuable insights into project profitability.

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